Hi bryan, no problem. Lol I was going off the fact that I assumed you were born in 1982.

My starting stats were around 5.8-6" BPEL in May last year, BUT this included my foreskin covering and extending the glans (as I couldn't retract it then), so I don't really have accurate starting stats. Could have been around 5.5, can't be sure.

Right now I'm pretty sure I'm up at 7" BP, I've been trying to get a good measured picture but measured pics are HARD.

As for girth, I started around 5.1" (13cm, not sure why I measured this in cm when I do length in inches), and when I've measured I haven't measured any real girth gains yet. Not a problem as I've never really trained for girth.

I sometimes doubt my own measuring techniques and stuff but I'm relatively confident I've gained an inch at least.
Hope that gave you some insight

As for V's, they should include a stroke up and to the left, straight up to the centre, and up to the left. Hence JP's routine can be quite intensive for newbies, at least some.