I have two questions and you can answer both if you know the answer or one if you only know one.

1) the beginner routine in the book says work up to 20 minutes jelqing and 10 minutes stretching, as well as increasing the kegels to 3 minutes, Do I gradually increase the time each workout like 30 seconds workout 1, 30 more workout two or do I increase weekly? ex: 10 min week 1 for the whole week, week 2 12 min for the whole week of workouts and so on. In the first one I would either work up to 2 minutes of jelqing and 1 minute of stretching by the last workout of the week or get it to that number by the next week. The second one I only make incremental increases by the next week. So week 1 I do 10 and 5 for every workout that week then when week two hits I do 12 and 6, week 3 14 and 7, and so on. Which one did kemmer intend on?

2) yohimbe and horny goat weed is a suggested supplement. do I take one or the other or both along with l-arginine ?