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How to:

1: Get an erection. Your goign to be at it a while so privacy and no destractions are the best conditions to start an edging routine.

2: If you are a two second man ejacualate first, wait for the return then proceed to edge. (masturbate)

3: Use a good lube, KY jelly is is to drying use a good hand lotion.

4: Stroke the base of your erect penis slowly move up toward the frenulim. The frenulim is the trigger this is what makes you cum to soon, avoid the frenulim unless you feel it is time to cum. Remember edging teaches you to be in control not your biological sensations.

5: If you feel the urge start to move back down to the base again. Keep the strokes slow at first don't stroke fast until you have mastered edging.

6: When you feel like you are about to cum(PONR) stop edging until the sensation leaves then resume edging (Masturbating)
PONR means point of no return. At this time you can play with your nuts. Explore for the "G" spots you did not realize you had in this area untill the sensation to ejaculate subsides.

You will learn when your shaft is loading up with cum to ejaculate. When you feel it in the base you can stop jerking off at this point instead of waiting for it to travle higher up the shaft.

After a few months of doing this those stopages will become dry orgasms. (ejaculating without cumming) This is a very spiritual expierence.

Adendum added 7/7/10

Now, eventually once you have mastered base stroking and you can last 20 minutes your edging session should now include the entire shaft of the penis. Stimulate the entire thing from base to tip and back again. When you can delay ejacualtion from stimulating the entire shaft for 20 minutes then you would likely start lasting longer during vaginal sex.
very good description of edging with totally unsatisfying partial ejaculations .