have been doing the beginners routine for several weeks now.

Postives I have noticed:
1) Wood in the middle of the night (this hasn't happened in a while)
2) EQ is much improved
3) aAlittle longer in BPFL: .25 "and BPEL: .25" ( although being overweight causes measurement fluctuations I'm sure)
4) Increase in girth (started 5.5") -had a good night and was solid 6.00"
4) Wife notices a difference-- at least that night ;-)

Other things I have noticed:
1) From time to time I get blood blisters just where the head meets the shaft (on the sides)
2) Sometimes my penis aches somewhat for about an hour afterwards
3) Veins are increasing in prominence
4) I am cut(very tightly so) and now the skin is halfway over the head when flacid
5) Losing weight makes a huge difference in the look when flacid
6) When stretching upwards as opposed to straight out or to the sides-there is major resistance and I need an awfully firm grip to keep from slipping back

Also, I am being treated for an infected prostate just now- yuck.

Comments would be appreciated.