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How to gain girth on the base?

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  • How to gain girth on the base?

    Hey everybody,
    New here. Let me introduce myself. I am 20 years old and have never done PE exercises in my life. My penis is just over 7 inches currently with the girth of 4.9 inches in the middle. However, the girth of the closest 2-3 inches to my body is only 4.3. How can I work on making my penis more even throughout. And, is it possible to only gain in girth? I am happy with my length, but would like to be about 5.25-5.5 in girth.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome 7x5 I guess we have same problem but I'm a new to this stuff, I'll let expert answer your question, I know a routine but don't know if its applicable, plan to take it after my newbie period, Its reverse jelq.

    Again welcome and enjoy
    March 4, 2009 BPEL5.25xEG4.5
    Short Tem Goal 6.5 x 5.5
    Long Term Goal 7x6 NBPL
    No specific target, no length and girth just a 100% EQ and a enjoyable session^^ but gains will be welcome :P


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      You should just concentrate on jelqing right now, which is a girth as well as length exercise, to condition your penis. Try higher erection level jelqing (60-80%) to target girth more than length, also do them slowly. After you condition you can do reverse jelqing and concentrated squeezes, etc. to even out your penis.


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        I have the same problem. I just finished my first month today and I'm waitin for three months experience to include the reverse jelq in my routine.
        Starting stats:

        Fl- Turtle
        Nbpel- 5"
        Bpel- 6"
        Eg- 5"


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          im no expert but ill give u the best advice i can.

          as keido said, for now stick to light to medium stretching and jelqing in order
          to condition ur penis for more advanced and specific exercises.

          once ur penis can take it stick to exercises that will increase girth at ur base>

          reverse jelqs and high tension stretching on different angles focusing on
          bending it at the base. do this until your base is slightly thicker than the shaft...
          i would recommend overshooting by 0.25 inches. this is in order to make sure it wont lose girth again, while u move on.

          once your penis is conditioned and thicker at the base u can focus on girth. u can do this in a million ways...
          but if u want to make sure ur length doesnt increase, keep the stretching light.. just enough to get the penis ready to grow outwards in girth. no hard stretching cuz this will make u gain in length

          good luck!