For those of you that saw my last post, I've hope in PE again. =)

I'm starting back up after waiting for some cuts on my foreskin to heal. I don't know if it was just dry skin or my dick getting too big ( probably the first, but wishful thinking is great ) but it's better now.

I really want to make sure I'm doing it right this time though....

I will admit that my member is small.. about 5 inches at full length. I won't cry about it because I know there are guys out there dealing with more unfortunate sizes, but here's the embarassing part... When I'm COMPLETELY flaccid, I'm inch or an inch in a half in length, and less than half an inch in girth. It's quite strange to see it blow up to 5 inches and a normal sized girth.

What excersises should I do to increase flaccid length? I'm guessing stretching, but are there other ones?

2. I'm uncut, and it's weird for me to jelq. I know I'm pushing blood up because I put my other hand on the head and I can feel it get "stiff". I see that I should jelq at 40%, but when i do I don't feel much blood going into the top. I've only felt differences while jelqing at more or less full erection. While I've ready many people say it's seems to be working for me. I would rather believe i'm wrong than you guys though, so I'm hoping someone can point out what I'm doing wrong. I grip at the bottom...squeeze moderately hard, as if I were holding something I didn't want taken away from me, but not death gripping it. Then I just move all the way to the top, and then start another rep with my other hand.

3. My foreskin really gets in the way of stretching. When I stretch with Jonpop's way, if I'm not careful my riing grip will "pass" over my head. I hear this is really bad...Also, I can't seem to get good stretches anymore. I have to hold onto the top of my foreskin with one hand, and stretch with the other.

I've also read that my grip should be at the bottom of the shaft...but when I do that it slides to the top. Perhaps someone knows what I'm doing wrong?

4. Finally, I feel like while I haven't made much gains, my penis could definitely take the advanced courses now, as it's used to the stretching and the pressure. Any suggestions what I should go for for length gains? seems like jelqing is the best for girth.

Thank you everyone for the support and information here on the forums....I know that I myself used to be deathly scared that I would be stuck with 5 inches for life, and spent weeks looking for a legit supplement or extender. It's kind of like hope on these forums

Thanks again.