Hi..me again..i got tons of questions ( no sh.t really ? lol ) ..
when doing jelquing ive noticed 2 different feelings. One is ( and yes im like 80 % + erect im trying to not go full throttle but it ain't easy.) when with my errect penis i move my OK fingers from the base (and doing it with inverted hand so thumb is against pubic bone at the beginning of the move ) upwards then release without holding holding my testicles with the other hand in one place -that the shaft becomes much more engorged with blood and veins become really bigger. I can feel that there is more blood being pushed into the shaft. ( basically my fingers slight upwards alone with the SKIN of my penis. )
Then there is a second method i've tried where with my free hand i hold my testicles below the shaft ( against my body ) and thus NOT permiting the skin to move forward with the OK fingers. Another words fingers are sliding over the skin and shaft. Doing it this way i feel less expansion of my penis due forcing of blood into it.
Which one is better? I'd hate to start doing something pointless.
To add i might say that with the skin moving with fingers method i can really feel and see the difference how my penis looks like.