Hi guys! This post is for sharing to everybody and please give me your opinion and your experiment so we can improve more:
-Maybe there are many people that just started PE as me and they have many problems and questions as me. But I would like to share what I use and what I do during PE:
1. For my warm-up, I use rice sock. Here is the link how to make rice sock :
How to Make a Rice Sock in 1 minute flat! (Heat Pack) - YouTube. And the rice I use is SunLee Jasmine Rice(Gao Ong Dia). Here is the picture of it: Redirect Notice. You can buy it in any Vietnamese market. I like to give more details as possible as I can and I'm sorry for those who think that it is annoying.

2. For the lube, I'm using Vasaline For Men Extra Strength because it makes my penis easy to slide at the every first moment I apply. Then I re-lube it once for V-jelq which is after Jelq. Then almost of the rest I re-lube by water. It is really easy to wash-off too. Here is the picture of it: Redirect Notice

Thank you for reading!