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The frenulum

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  • The frenulum

    Ok, I'm sure everyone here knows where the frenulum of our penis is located.

    I've heard that for circumsized guys, they don't have to worry about their frenulum snapping / tearing / breaking, but for un-circumsized guys like me, I'm very concerned. Below questions are mainly for experts and un-circumised guys:

    1) Are there any exercises / methods to improve the strength of the frenulum so that it won't tear / snap when having sex (especially those super-wild and vigorous positions)?

    2) For those guys who have their frenulum tearing / snapping during sex, how is the pain like? Pain enough to cry? Scream?

    3) After the frenulum snaps, will there be a lot of blood splurting everywhere non-stop? Or is it like small trickles of blood?

    4) I hear that after the frenulum snaps, the doctor can re-attach it? But after re-attachment, it can still snap again during rough sex?

    I'm kinda worried about this cos' I've been observing my frenulum and it seems kinda thin to me.....I doubt it can survive those in-the-air-fucking type of positions.....I wish my frenulum was as thick as the width of the penis so that it can't snap.

    Advise pls.......thanks!

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    I get up in the morning and worry about a lot of things. Most of them never happen.
    Live your life. Deal with things WHEN they happen.

    I've got a Tiger by the tail.


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      Actually i have a torn frenulum right at the point where the shaft connects to the glans. It tore during sex i guess over a period of time. You get a sharp stinging sensation like being pricked by a needle when you touch it and also when you pull your uncircumcised foreskin to take a piss. You have to pull it slowly so as to reduce the stinging sensation. I apply baby oil to the area and after a day or two it heals but again after a rigorous sex and pe session it comes back. The affected area of frenulum also swells a bit so i guess that aggravates the pain too.It's not that serious though. You can carry on doing what you like with your unit.You just have to be a bit careful.That's all.


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        Applying warm to hot water(bearable) for 5 to 10 minutes to your unit will almost totally erase the pain. You can do your Pe exercises after that.