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New Guy, What's Your Goals?

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  • New Guy, What's Your Goals?

    I'm new here and I just wanted to introduce myself.

    Age: 33
    Starting Stats: 5 X 4.5
    Short term goal: 6 X 5
    Long term goal: 8 X 6

    How about the rest of you new guys. What's your starting goals, long term and short?

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    My goals are as follows...

    Age 38

    My starting stat is 6.75" to 7.0" (depending on how hard I am ) Belly presses erect length and 5.0" Erect girth.

    My short term goal is mostly girth around 5.5" but if I get another 1/2" in length I wont be ashamed!

    Long term 8" x 6". If I hit this I will cement it in and retire completely satisfied.

    I tell you guys....I hate waiting and am usually an impatient person. But if I can start seeing any kind of results I will feel like I'm on top of the world and it will increase my motivation 10 fold. I've always had a motto..."STOCK SUCKS", which is why I modify everything I own...bikes, ATV's, almost anything with a motor and in addition to body also. I was always a kind of skinny guy with a super fast metabolism and decided to change that too. I got into bodybuilding years ago and changed myself completely. At 38 I'm now in the best shape of my life at about 6% body fat and 185 lbs at 5' 6" tall. But I feel this one last part of me needs to be modified. I am happily married to what I feel is the most wonderful woman in the world...and while part of this goal of mine is a bit selfish and's also for her and to increase the quality of our sex life. My wife always said she is completely satisfied...but you know how wives are...if they love us they probably wouldn't tell us if they wanted instead of guessing if she does I'm just going to go for it!

    I hope to say that my goals of adding just 1 inch in both length and girth is realistic and doable in a relatively short amount of time...but I am more then willing to dedicate any amount of time it takes to achieve this goal...I HATE failing at anything! What do you veterans this goal realistic in under a year or even 6 months???

    I want to personally thank Remek and the the moderators of this board for getting this going and have made this my home base for knowledge of PE. I feel there's nothing I cant tell you guys that will cause embarrassment, and that's a great feeling. Even if I achieve my goals of 8 X 6 I will continue to visit this board frequently and help out anyway I can.

    Thanks for listening to my rant! Lol

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    Stock Sucks


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      Hello, I'm new as well I've been searching around the website and I decided its about time for me to start

      Starting at 6.5" X 5"
      Short term 7" X 6"
      Long term 8.5" X 6.5

      I just hope my long term isn't going to be too hard to get to.


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        6.5 BPEL x 5.25 Erect Girth


        7.5-8 BPEL x 5.5 Erect Girth

        7 inches non bone pressed erect would be great But I also wana add some flaccid length and girth.
        Start: 25.08.07
        Length: 6.5" BPEL(6"NBPEL)
        Girth: Unsure because I measured at the base instead of mid shaft.

        Currently: 05.10.07
        Length: 7.25" BPEL(6.75 NBPEL)
        Girth: 5.125" @ the Midshaft.

        Goals: By the end of 07.
        Length: 7.50" BPEL(7" NBPEL)
        Girth: 5.50" @ the Midshaft.


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          fitboy: You may want to change your signature to "stock sucks." I like that motto. It goes very well with changing for the better--which is the # 1 principle of my life.
          "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein


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            I'm a newbie in this site

            I am also new to this site I was in another site where I had solid gains and any little help for me to reach my goal I will take.

            Bpel start: 5.5 erect 4.5 girth

            Bpel now 7 erect 6 girth

            Long term 8 erect 7 girth
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              Welcome to the Gym, luke! Glad you could find the site useful.
              "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein


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                Fitboy, love your post, very motivating, I am also married and I am starting to PE for me and my wife also just wondering how long you have been married.


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                  Thanks Bigjohn, We've been married for 9 years...and have been together for 15 years (I dont rush into anything like marrage I guess! lol)...actually wish I had married her sooner. We have 2 beautiful boys.

                  Stock Sucks


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                    37 starting 7.25 inches bone pressed erect 6 inches girth
                    now 7.50 inches lengh and 6.25 girth
                    goal is 8.5 inches lengh and 7inches girth


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                      Welcome to the Gym
                      Starting stats 7/15/05 -FL 3.750"x FG 2.125", (BPEL 5.250" x EG 3.750")

                      Current Stats: 4/16/10 (BPFL 6.500" x FG 5.625"), ( BPEL 7.825" x EG 6.375")

                      Goal for 2011 BPEL 9.000" x EG 6.500"
                      Some people see things, and say, "Why"
                      I dream of things that never were, and say "Why Not"



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                        Greetings, noob here.

                        Starting at 6.5 BPEL and 5.5 EG (from the base)
                        My goal would be to get around 7.5 NBPEL and 6.5 for girth.
                        I started this week and feel pretty good so far minus an error. When I first measured on Monday i had a BPEL of 6.2, and now its 6.5....In no way is that a gain already, i am completely sure it was error measuring. I am also popping pills to help suppliment the growth. I can see how these can help because they do keep you "pumped" with more blood. I can see myself sticking with the program because its not anywhere near as dreadfull as i thought it would be. So, those of you thinking about it - go for it- you got nothing to lose and only gains to ....uh, Gain! The warmdowns are worth it alone! i look forward to it (i use a small hand towel, soak it, ring it, and toss in the microwave for 30 seconds) well, best of luck to everyone else!

                        by the way, its great to know i measure up with a lot of beginners here, i honestly thought i was a freak with the smallest in the world!


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                          ceenote00: Welcome to the gym! Good luck with your goal.
                          "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein


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                            Good luck with your routine. Out of curiosity, what made you believe PE was going to be dreadful?
                            "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein


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                              hey remek, i guess the whole stretching and jelqing thing didnt look like to much fun! not as bad as i thought....guess i imagined it would be painfull