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some question before quit PE

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  • some question before quit PE

    Hi, so this where i will end my PE routine..
    Because there's so many factor that make me feel better to continue the PE routine after i graduate from college..
    1) I live in dorm room that filled with 4 people, so no private time even a little. Of course i can't do PE in front of them ..
    2) I had a very bad, bad, and baddd eating habit. Its take time to change it up, etc.

    The question is :
    1. Is it ok if i stop the routine and continue it after like 3 years later? any bad effects or what?
    2. I'm already doing this routine for 2 weeks. So when i wanted to start the routine again. Do I counting it the first day of my routine again or 2 weeks+1 day(because i already do the routine for 2 weeks)?
    3. I think i got some gains like my flaccid look longer and thicker,my EQ become 8-9,BPEL and EG increased a little.So to keep my gains keep following me but w/o PE-ing. Is there any exercise that i can do to just keep the gains following and keep my penis healthy? Like edging or something maybe? any advice?
    4. Do age has some connection with the gains? Like maybe if you 18, you will get gains faster than the 23.

    Need help and advice, please.. Thanks everybody that already help me for this 2 weeks..
    You guys are so helpful.. and sorry Jonpop for asking too many weird question.. Haha.

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    Sorry to hear that you are ending your PE after just having started. Yes, you can continue to do PA's and modified stretches, dry Jelqing. Exercises like that, every time you have a chance to go pee, or get a few minutes alone. When you resume a routine, you start as an absolute newbie and re-condition, don't start where you left off. Good luck and luck with school, too.

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      you can also keep doing kegels!!!!

      BPEL 6"
      EG (mid) 4.75"
      EG (base) 5"


      BPEL 7"
      EG ( mid) 5"
      EG (base) 5.5"

      1st goal 7"x 5.25" DONE
      2nd goal 7.5" x 5.75"

      For Pics see:


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        You can really get in like a good 100 slow jelq's off in the shower using "hair Conditioner"... I found that stuff is AMAZING... and it will leave any non-shaved pubes nice and "full-bodied" hahaha... seriously though, it doesn't totally have to end. I mean, college is a time when PE is gonna get some... "live use"......


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          what is PA's and modified stretch mean?

          kegel is ok.. how many kegel will i do per day and how many times a week??
          any suggestion??

          Nah, I only got time when still on the summer vacation. After that, it will be absolutely busy time for me..
          Because i've got so many things i must done this semester.
          And i think it's better to start it after I graduate so i got more private time and no one will disturb me..
          And at that time i could afford some supplement too.
          Because i think the supllement will help a lot for getting faster and bigger gains.
          I can't afford any supplements now, because I'm already work as hard as a buffalo now for paying the college fee.
          I'm try to be an independent, I don't wanna depends on parents anymore.
          No problems dude, i still can screw some girls here.
          Because I think my dick is already in enough category for making girls shaking her body like getting shocked by an electric eel.
          Yihaaa.. But I still want become like a half asian-arabic man.
          Asian Face - Arab Nuclear. Yeah!!
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            Sorry, meant to say Pulls after urinating. Modified stretches are just stretching easy, when ever you get a chance, no set routine.

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              do you mean kegel when urinating?
              strechting easy?? can you give me more detail explanation??


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                I'm sorry MineIsSmall. I can't deal with your questions any longer.
                I have answered your questions in every way I know how.
                I am sure that one of the members on this fine forum will be able to
                help you. You are like talking to an old red brick. You just do not grasp the concept.

                I've got a Tiger by the tail.


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                  ahaahah (jhonpop)

                  i thinks he is trying to say when ever you get the chance do some dry jelqs, and streaches. (JAI stretch)

                  And about kegeling, you can do that throughout the day ( just don't over do it) do them every other day.

                  You don't have to do this everyday, its not a routine, just do it when you have time.

                  and when you start your full routine again, start from scratch, DON'T START WHERE YOU LEFT OFF.

                  hope this helped, peeeeeeace


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                    Intially I started jelqing over three years ago and quit in about 1 month because It became inconvininent to do so (living with other people and so forth). I noticed that during my jelqing phase, my erections ranked high on the EQ scale. When I stopped however, I noticed that my EQ plunged (The only thing I was doing that was jelqing) and my erections since then were definately not as good. At the time though, I didn't care, other things were going on. Only lately, when I restarted PE workouts that my EQ rise. I don't know if your EQ would be as affected as mine...just something for you to keep in mind.


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                      I understand what you mean about college being a tought time to do p.e. because i am in college as well only i live alone in my dorm room. It was defiantly tough to do p.e. when i had a room mate but i found the time to get it done even if it had to be only like a 20 minute session. I really dont think you need to quit you can still continue just have to find the right time. I used to do it in the shower when i had a room mate but what ever you need to do do it i suppose
                      Started 8/4/09 BPEL 6 1/2'' BPFL 6 9/16'' EG 4 3/4''
                      9/4/09 BPEL 6 3/4'' BPFL 6 13/16'' EG 5 1/8''
                      10/4/09 BPEL 6 3/4'' BPFL 7'' EG 5 1/4''
                      11/4/09 BPEL 6 15/16'' BPFL 7 1/8'' EG 5 1/4''
                      12/04/09 BPEL 7 1/16'' BPFL 7 1/4'' EG 5 1/4''

                      RESTART of PE
                      1/10/14 BPEL 6.5'' EG 5''


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                        I wonder what path he ended up choosing. He hasn't logged in since the end of July.
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                        But not everyone lives

                        HAPPY HOLIDAYS PE GYM!


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                          [QUOTE=MineIsSmall;39400] I live in dorm room that filled with 4 people, so no private time even a little. Of course i can't do PE in front of them .. [QUOTE] Do it!

                          1) It is OK.

                          2) Start back at beginning. Like you are new to PE.

                          3) No. Keep doing kegals because no nobody can see you doing it. When you go pee-pee pull on your penis a few times to help keep your flaccid stretched out.

                          Originally posted by PESG View Post
                          I wonder what path he ended up choosing. He hasn't logged in since the end of July.