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Cane PE exercises make you shoot?

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  • Cane PE exercises make you shoot?

    currently when I cum it kind of dribbles out and I really hate it, do any PE exercises change this and enable you to shoot?
    also whenever I cum my penis tenses right up like a Kegel which I cant control, may this be the reason for not shooting?


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    Kegels will help you not to shoot, but erupt. Get on a kegel routine, just don't overdo it or it will have the opposite effect. Rep if this helps?


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      thanks revolved, do you know anything about the tensing also?


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        It's one of the body's natural reactions to ejaculation. By training you PC and BC muscles you'll be able to gain more control. I would suggest edging/ballooning with a hard kegel for as long as it takes to stop the urge to come. Be aware, this will take time and practice.


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          A proper shot should feel like a kegel that constricts the urethra as the skeet is propelled out in front of the closure. At least for me that's what it feels like. It can be hard to time the tensing along with the ejaculation if my PC and BC muscles are fatigued. It helps if you haven't ejaculated in 48 hours or so.
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            There is a percentege of males, around 30% that don't shoot. The sad thing if you are in this group is that no mater how many k/rk you do you wont shoot. I have tried many things without sucsess. I remember that I could shoot while being in my early teens. So I don't know if I had any injury or am I in this non-shooting group.

            If you want to increase your load slightly then eat :
            -flower pollen
            -maca fruit
            -pygeum extract
            -Royal jelly

            Have fun cleaning your mess
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              thanks for all the replies guys, i will try some of these things, what is balooning??


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                Not masturbating for a period of time also helps building up the tension .. When you finally release it will be much more intense, making you shoot more likely. Atleast that's what I experience, I can shoot further if I haven't touched my dick for a couple of days.


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                  When i shoot, i shoot maybe 20 cm far, but wait, when i edge for 40 minutes or so ( having sex and not cumming) it goes up to a meter. Haha and yes I have shot my girl down. Bang bang shot you down!
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                    I had the same problem, along with a pelvic floor imbalance that causes involuntary kegels which lead to Pre-E, and which I beleive tire out the muscles used to shoot. What I have found works to increase my ejaculate volume and power/pressure is to edge for a few days at a time, but focus on relaxing your pelvic floor muscles and only kegel to stop orgasm when you accidentally go past the PONR. focus on stretches and yoga that relaxes your pelvic floor and do lots of kegels and reverse kegels. right before you come do a hard reverse kegel till you feel the cum flowing up, then let your penis do its regular kegel/cumshot. drink lots of water before and I promise you'll be a shooter

                    To recap:
                    Do kegels/RK routine to strengthen and isolate PC muscles

                    do yoga/stretches that isolate PC/BC

                    edge for 2/3 days

                    drink lots of water

                    relax your way out of involuntary kegels

                    reverse kegel as you're hitting ponr till you fell it coming up

                    release RK and start the normal kegels that accompany ejaculation


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                      Absolutely. I am a personal kegel-er and recommend it for anyone else who wants a longer cumshot.
                      Pelvic floor exercises, PC muscle contractions. Been doing it for three months and can hit my neck/face after ejaculating. It definitely works.


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                        What Bringthegain said.....dead on! Or, for our friends across the pond, spot-on!
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