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I think my ruler is broken.

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  • I think my ruler is broken.

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    Damn that thing is going to be needing it's own zipcode soon!
    ELBP 7.10
    EG 5.5

    ELBP 7.75
    EG 5.75


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      Originally posted by oophyreoo View Post
      Now, I have been doing PE for roughly 2 weeks steadily. Well, about 5 minutes ago I forced my penis to stand tall, I was curious. So, I worked it up as much as possible and I peaked at about a 7 EQ. I laid down on my back, help it straight up, strung out some standard dental floss (not from the local magician shop) and ran it along the base to the tip and I snipped the floss exactly to match my length. Ok, so, the measured string was nearly bone pressed, I probably could have pressed in another 1/8. Keep in mind the string is 99% accurate. Looking at the string I became anxious due to it's astonishing length so I ventured to my trusty ruler (which also did not come from the magician shop, so I thought.) Now, I am standing there, bottomless, rearing to slap this floss along side my ruler. It came out 7 inch flat. I measured it 3 times, triple 7s, JACKPOT! Then, I ran the floss along the top of my penis as I stood, with some EQ loss, and it came out .25 short of the floss length, not bone pressed. This is saying I gained .25 length in 2 weeks. Now, girth, I am not concerned with, that same ruler told me I am EG 6.25 that's fine with me. Perhaps someone can view my pics and make a judgement on my girth. Either my ruler is an ego booster or this here PE works! I hope you were entertained while reading! Happy jelqing!

      *I posted this in the wrong section, can someone fix it for me? The excitement took over my attention span*
      Nice going, you lucky b*****d!


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        So you gained congrats!

        For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thine wounds, saith the Lord Jeremiah 30:17


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            Those ego-boosting rulers. . . have to love them

            Congratulations on the gains, oophyreoo.
            "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein


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              Woop woop!! Congratulations! That's what we're here for!!!
              1 Dec '09 (NEW)
              BPEL: 6" 10/16th (6.63") - 0.25" Increase
              MSEG: 4" 4/16th (4.25")
              EG Tip: 4" 4/16th (4.25")
              EG Base: 4" 6/16th (4.38")

              Start: Oct '09

              BPEL: 6" 4/16th (6.25")
              MSEG: 4" 3/16th (4.19")

              Goal EG 4.5" - 5.0"

              The shortest distance between failure and success, is quitting!


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                Damn your EG is excellent!

                Good luck with the gains and if you don't mind, how tall are you?
                I saw your pics in the other thread which is why I ask.
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                Former: 6.30" BPEL, 4.50" MSEG
                Current: 8.25" BPEL, 5.00" MSEG, 5.25" BEG

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                    Congrats Man!! Keep us updated!!
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