Alright, so I've started PE in the past like since August and initially, I saw no bruising or petechia or any abnormalities. As I continued doing this, gradually I noticed a bruise developed like an inch below the head of the penis (the bruise covered the entire circumference of my unit). I thought to myself "Hmm, could this bruise be a result of the stretching I did or the jelqing?" (Honestly, I did grip the body of the penis pretty hard initially to acquire a better grip [I stopped gripping it so hard as of middle of Sept.], but the change was so gradual, I didn't even notice it.) At the time, I was doing thirty minutes of regular jelqing and five minutes of stretching. Comes October and I increase the time for the stretching to 10 minutes and I actually witnessed the development of petechia at the base of the penis. I was shocked at how they formed and they slightly stung upon touch. But, yeah, I stopped doing PE exercises about a week ago because I've been busy, but the after-effects are what are killing me. Whenever my penis shrivels up (due to cold or w/e), you can see distinct grooves as a result of the skin folding over each other during jelqing.

I tried applying aloe-containing moisturizers like Lubriderm or Vaseline, but to no avail. When my penis is erect, the grooves disappear and it looks pretty decent except for that bruise being there, but when the erection is done, the grooves return.

Help would be much appreciated, brothers.