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penis injury won't heal : (

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  • penis injury won't heal : (

    hey, so i had been trying some downward jelqs and stretches for about a week...a bit achy around the ligament but nothing bad.

    well after a session i started to whack it. i for some unknown reason, decided to try pulling outwards on it while whacking. which was not smart cuz i pulled on it too hard while it was fully erect. i felt a pain around the base of my penis. wasn't horrible, and there were no visible problems so i figured it would be fine.

    a day or two later i tried pe and it was painful around the base to pull on. masturbation made it worse also. the pain is around the ligament area i think, and sometimes my right nut aches too. if i sleep on my side, it feels like the base of my penis is being squeezed and aches. my penis seems to feel better until i have erections and then it gets worse..
    if i bend the penis a little to the left or right it hurts at the base.
    also hurt to push on the internal shaft that is behind my nuts.

    its been 2 months of no PE and i've tried not whacking it for 2 weeks but it isnt healing. the good thing is everything looks and functions normally...but my nighttime erections seem to prevent healing? oh ya last night my left nut started hurting too. anyone know what damage i did and what i can do? i can't afford to go to a doctor now so thats out of the question i guess.

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    Sorry you can't afford a doctor man. Why don't you just tell your parents you woke up like that?

    OK, first off ice it up really good for about 20-30 mins...then hit it with heat for about an hour. Ice again for 20+ then finally Heat for another hour. This is called contrast therapy. The cold will slow swelling and ease pain. The heat then will flush the area of damaged waste by virtue of increased blood flow and the heat will also relax your torn tissues and ease pain. At the base of your penis surrounding your inner penis is the bulbospongiosos muscle. From what you described you've torn it where it attaches to your unit. You literally pulled a TRUE Groin muscle. You possibly tore or pulled your main suspensory ligament. You also could have damaged some veins but there would be discoloration and bruising if that were the case. Number one thing you have to do though for healing is..............STOP MESSING WITH IT!! Quit trying to exersize and jack off with a damaged tool. Hot bath soaks would work following an ice packing, not to be confused with ass packing as you damn sure don't need a problem there since your ass is already OTFB (on the fuckin bench) . That means OUT OF THE GAME DUDE!! Pack your penis up and hit the crippled dick clinic. It shouldn't take no more than a week or so to show good results in healing but could take as long as 4-6 weeks to heal 90%- completely. The BBS muscle constricts when you get an erection (that means gets really tight) and the tight muscles are the ones that tear. The area you described is where it lives. This is what I base my oppinion on.

    NOW THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT AS WHAT I JUST SAID........................I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ACTUALLY DID TO YOUR DICK. I have oppinions that I shared with you but I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL and you should SEEK PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ATTENTION as you could have severe damage that could possibly affect you for the rest of your life!!

    Please If it gets worse or any discoloration comes up GO TO THE EMEREGENCY ROOM where they have to treat you and you won't have to pay right then and maybe never.
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