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  • Thank you

    Just wanted to thank all of you for responses and in general the information available on the site. No offense to anyone, but of the four sites visited this one is the best. Guess you would say this is the most objective site with very little subjectivity. Have learned a lot here and hope to put the information to good use. Have already seen some gains in quality, hardness and girth in just two months. If this is like weight lifting I wouldn't expect to see much before 90 days at the earliest, and 180 being the realistic figure.

    Have a good weekend. Remember keep the greasy side down and the shiny side up.

    Start 2009/06/24 bpel 5.5 eg 4.75
    2009/08/26 bpel 5.5 eg 5.25
    2010/01/05 bpel 6.12"
    2010/08/01 bpel 6.25
    Goal 7"

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    We actually take our PE pretty seriously. But we still find time time to have fun. A little humor in the posts is good for everyone. Thanks for the good words.

    I've got a Tiger by the tail.