Yes I did use the search function, and am looking at the smooth muscle exercises along with the EQ exercises.

I just wondered if anyone had a journal or program focusing on these two things.

This week I am going to add Kegel exercises to my program.

Stats wise I'd say my EQ is 3 (I'm older than most of you guys, with a refractory period of about 2 days) I haven't really got back to the point of having extreme morning wood, but with the PE, that may impact my refractory period, right now.

I think my EQ is improving a little with the PE work.

Right now my BPFSL is increasing fast and approaching 8" which I am really happy about. My BPEL is easily 1"+ less , but then my EQ is low, so I don't know if I'm getting a full "fill up"

After sex or masturbation my penis looks incredibly thick, much thicker than before. So I'm a little confused, because for smooth muscle improvements, generally seems to suggest more girth work.

Thanks for any help or suggestions, and any program recommendations. I look forward to posting up some EL and girth measurements in a few weeks.