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Am I doing the Reverse Kegel correctly?

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  • Am I doing the Reverse Kegel correctly?

    I've started training myself the reverse kegel but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. When I push outwards it seems like its more around my anus than my penis, like I am forcing out a crap rather than weeing. Also, many people say that when you do it erect their penis bulges a bit but this doesn't happpen to me. In addition, when I do the reverse kegel my stomach tenses. Also, I find it hard to breathe easily while doing them and I find it hard to do them while sitting or lying but easier in a standing position. Does anyone else experience anything like this and do you have any advice on how I can improve my technique?
    Starting Stats

    NBPEL: 5.8"
    EG: 4.5"


    NBPEL: 7.0"
    EG: 5.0"

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    Try doing a few exploratory exersizes so you can better isolate the desired relsults.

    If you clench your belly alone without using your PC muscle (kegel) then you can kegel aside from your belly and diaphramuscle.
    Try pushing out on your beely to make a pot gut, then hold that position and kegel . Try making a six pack and hold that while kegeling. These should help you learn to better isolate the kegel function. Remember, all of our lives we have kegeled in conjunction with many other physical actions and our bodies grown accustomed to this.
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