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Hi thanz for ur reply. Well i think its both physical and mental. Coz a simple reading of a romantic episode in a story arouses my device and also it generates the sexual thought in my mind. Well i am trying to learn to relaax and take a long breath. Last time when i ejaculated, i lasted long. Coz i concentrated on foreplay for about 20 minutes and then took it out and started jerking off, by that time it was very hard(Usually it will not be coz, i take it out the moment it is aroused..which is again immediately as i get a sexual thought), it was hard .. but it took 20 rapid shots for it to ejaculate. So the total time was 21 minutes. The time for which i had it in my hand was about 20 to 30 seconds. Is this called lasting long ? Again excuse me for being dumb, i told you i am a virgin.

Thank You
Ok now do that every time you want to get off. Practice masturbating without feeling your penis and without the goal of ejaculation. Masturbating without feeling your penis is difficult, but possible. I find that the trick to allowing me to last longer.