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Would fowfers alone contribute to increased size?

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  • Would fowfers alone contribute to increased size?

    Say you have an EQ of 10 (hence your tunica is limiting you) and you just did fowfers all day. Would this alone cause any improvements in length?

    On that note, is there a such thing as too much fowfers? What if I just sit on my unit all day, would this be a bad thing?

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    Kingpole is the fowfer expert here. However, any p.e. exercise will contribute to length and girth gains over the long run. I have found that fowfers increase flaccid length for sure. When beginning, any prolonged exercise, in my opinion, is not a good thing. If you sit on it all day long, remember that you have to shake it out every fifteen minutes or so to ensure proper circulation. Why don't you try a half hour to an hour or so to start with? Then, if you experience no side effects, you can always increase the length of your fowfer session. Easy does it is and was my motto when practicing p.e., especially for the first few months.
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      Fowfers (Lazy Ass Stretches), will stretch your upper ligs so your penis will hang straight down when flaccid, and it will increase your flaccid length (and possibly flaccid girth), but it will doing nothing for erect length or girth. That being said, what it does do it does very well. I have sat on my unit for up to an hour with no problem. Just be sure to sit on a chair with a cushion.
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