Hello people

I posted this in the "introduce yourself" forum. But figured that I would post here as well just to get more input. I'll keep it short. My length is pretty good at 7.5 inches, and I can care less about improving that. My girth is pretty average though. I can just fit inside a toilet paper roll. I am looking to not fit inside anymore. If I follow the beginners program and see results in girth, can I just leave it at that? That is all I really am after and would be completely satisfied with that. Or do you have to practice indefinitely to maintain results? Because as you know, life can be time consuming as it is.

I must admit that I am a little apprehensive about jelqing in terms of damaging my cock. I understand not to go aggressively, but I still am apprehensive. You read a lot of conflicting things about future damage, even if you don't see any right away. Alas, you have to take risks in life I suppose.

Anyway, I appreciate any feedback...