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  • just a few questions

    ok so i am a health care professional so i know about the body....before you guys put your perverbial fist in my throat for being a "doubting" thomas....let me just say i do not doubt the results of pe but just have some questions....i know that the veins grow with the penis ....but what about the urethra....i understand the concept of pe and the prupose here for men to believe in pe, but how can one add width and length and girth to their dna determined penis size...i dont want this to be opiate for the masses so to speak for all the men out there, myself included....i am truly trying to believe this stuff works trust me...there is nothing i want more than a bigger, wider, girthier deal....but just having some difficulties in believing this with that said, i have and am do the begginner routine....and i can say that it FEELS different....but i want it to BE different...i want this thing to be fatter and wider and bigger all around......but the truth is when i look at it, i see the same old size....i want my flaccid to be thicker and fuller....i want my erect to be longer and thicker, and i am trying to convince myself that this is real deal.....i see guys on here with huge deals and most of them claim this is the result of is this can one take a 6" penis with 5"girth and make it into a 7.5" penis with 6"girth just by doing these exercises and me i want to believe, i want to see and feel the results.....please for the moderators out there, do not get frustrated with my inquiries...i am a very analytical person, everything, and i mean everything, gets analyzed over and over again just to make sure i didn't miss please some one explain and advise.....and please have patience with my "doubt".....

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    One of the biggest problems I have is the fact that when I look down at my tool , it still looks the same basically. Its not the same however, because benchmarks and measurements prove it is not. I lost 15 lbs when I was sick down to 153 from 168 yet my body looked the same to me. How could that be? Our perceptions are one dimensional of self, just as a woman who loses 20 lbs still sees herself as just as fat as she thought she was before. Look in the mirror, get different angles, take photos to compare to, but most of all, measure consistently. Take length and girth measurements and do it for flaccid and erect. If you get an erection that feels stronger than you've had in a while, measure it becasue its probably bigger than your average. By paying close attention and keeping record you will see the results and progress in the data, though your own mind's eye might take a good 20-30% increase before it gets convinced.
    The urethra is affected by the exersizes just as the veins are as it is surrounded by and consists of smooth muscle tissue. When your unit lengthens, if the urethra has not achieved that new length it will be stretched slightly and the stretching by attrition will cause growth. Our bodies have wonderful rejuvenating powers though we do not understand it all yet, they have a remarkable ability to adapt and recover. Trust in the common laws of physics and nature but never trust a doctor who says you can't make your penis grow, because I know for a fact you can.
    Dr. PhibbysHammer has not got 3 degrees from HARVARD, YALE and PRINCETON and is in no way LICENSED TO PRACTICE MEDICINE or PSYCHOLOGY.


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      Hey Doc. I have been doing the "Rub and Tug" for six years now. I started at the miniscule length of 4 3/4". And now sport a full 8 1/2". If it wasn't for my "Story Pole," I wouldn't believe it myself.
      The change happens in such small increments, that it seems like it's always been that size, well maybe not, but it's difficult to remember it so small.

      Keep doing the exercises, it will be a boon to this forum to hear a Dr. proclaim. YEA! I have gained a 1/2". Good luck and keep this thread active.

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        Not to be a doubter but a health care professional could mean a cna. And Unsure the FEEL you describe I felt to . Its just the beginning .It keeps changing , just be relentless. We can add mass to our DNA determined body ,so why not our penises?
        Starting stats JULY 1st ,2009
        8" bpel
        5.5 erect girth

        August 10,2009
        8 3/4 bpel !!!
        5 3/4 erect girth !!!

        10 bpel
        7.5 erect girth

        It's official I'm growing a monster


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          Have always said the only way to prove it is to do it.
          When I started pe it was for penis health, I was shocked when my penis grew.


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            All great responses....thank you guys for posting such great advice and that i will keep this active...cna's are very much medical but trust me i am not a cna... Cardiology is my specialty


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              "Do or do not,there is no try"-Yoda-Over thinking is the greatest enemy to progress.Unless you have your whole heart involved in what your going after, it is doomed to failure. I guess sometimes you have to tell your analytical mind to take a back seat and let faith take over.
              Imagination expands the mind


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                Stretching the ligaments and expanding the penile tunica and fascia are what's behind the growth process Couple that with increased blood flow and stamina and you have a harder, bigger penis that's able to last longer.
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                  Originally posted by Rasputine View Post
                  "Do or do not,there is no try"-Yoda-Over thinking is the greatest enemy to progress.Unless you have your whole heart involved in what your going after, it is doomed to failure. I guess sometimes you have to tell your analytical mind to take a back seat and let faith take over.
                  Thats a great idea. Already new that. Oh my posterior hurts from kicking my self. I'm going to apply that to a couple of things other than PE.

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