I have been PEing for about 2 weeks now. Unfortunately I have not been very consistent (working on it!) but I've managed to do 5-6 sessions so far. During my latest session, I started to feel a moving "warmth" when I jelqed, particularly at higher erection levels. The warmth traveled up my shaft as I jelqed and then flowed into the glans. At one point, I began to feel an increased pressure (borderline painful) in the glans so I immediately backed off how far up the shaft I jelqed. Is this a normal feeling? I assume the "warmth" is blood flow in which case I would think it's a good thing to feel. Are other beginners experiencing this?

Unlike most people, when I finish my sessions I don't think my penis looks much different. It doesn't appear "engorged" or larger than the start of the session, so it would nice if I had at least some indication during my routine that I am doing things correctly.

Also, I jelq at between a 20-40% erection level. I never really go above that.