Rod, a new member, (welcome Rod to the best p.e. site out there), has
requested a list of DO'S and DON'T'S for beginners.

Here they are. Take what works and leave the rest:


DO enjoy every minute of the p.e. ride. Always keep it in the "now."
P.E. should never be a chore.

DO take your good old time and approach each session slowly and

DO make it a "whole body" experience, if possible. Work on your breathing
as you are jelqing and kegeling.

DO practice constant visualization. Picture your cock getting heavier in your
hand, larger, and larger, each day.

DO a 15 minute hot wrap warm-up before each wet jelqing session.

Do get feedback from the mods and from your fellow members.

DO share your successes and your frustrations with us.

Do stop doing whatever you are doing if you feel any sharp pain.

P.E. should always be a pleasurable experience.