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    Heyo, I really want to get into PE. However, I live with my immediate family who I'd like to keep this a secret from. I don't regularly have the place to myself. Therefore, I do not want to use rice bags, heating pads, lubricant etc. because I'd have a hard time giving a reason for using them that wouldn't weird them out. I don't want them to know the time period when I touch my penis. Understandable, right?

    This means that I'm pretty much restricted to doing PE in the bathroom during my shower (and some time before/after the actual showering) and in my bedroom.

    I've thought about this a bit. I can let the shower water run consistently directly on my penis for the ten-minute warm-up, but I'd prefer another method that doesn't increase my shower time and heating/water bills. Does a half-hour shower with non-consistent water/penis contact but at least ten minutes of it through the whole period work good enough? Is there something else I can do other than using the shower water to warm-up?

    Then there's the issue of jelqing. It is recommended that I lube up for it at first, but soap is not recommended for that, and I am not too comfortable buying lubricant. If there isn't anything else, I could go and buy a little tube of KY Jelly which I can hide. But is there anything else that I could use that I could make a reasonable excuse for having?


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    You can get a good lotion.If some one says something,say you have dry skin and need it.
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      How about just plain vaseline? You can also mix the vaseline with the K-Y lubrication to extend its use. You just keep adding water to your hands as you jelq.

      Regarding the warm-up, is there a wash bowl near the shower? I just fill the wash bowl with really hot water and soak my wash cloth in the water and wrap it around my cock and balls. Then I keep adding hot water as necessary and resoaking the wash cloth as often as necessary. I like a long warm-up session: 15 to 20 minutes. I want to get my cock as engorged with blood as possible without getting a full erection. That way I don't start the jelqing session at zero--so to speak. It has always worked great for me. My dick used to be at 7" to 8" when I started the actual jelqing session. Now it is at 9+. Try this approach and see if it works.
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        to add to above post as warm up if you can fill up the bath tub with hot water.In the beginning the basic stretches(straight out -to the sides -up-down)should not take more than seven minutes total(thirty seconds a piece ,doing two sets. resting ten seconds or so seconds in between sets depending how you feel. You can do Jia stretches when you go to the bathroom or bed room.Just my thoughts.
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