hi people, im nearly at the end of week 2 of jp90 routine but have been thinking alot about accurate measurements.
if like myself you live in a cold part of the world ( uk myself) you will know exactly what im talking about.
i done my measurements the day before i started the jp90 and it was freezing cold inside the house and outdoors.
temp in the house about +6c , outside +4c
if your wondering why so cold in the house, as with most people in the uk being squeezed for every last penny by our money grabbing government ( hence the london riots the other summer) i have to choose between feeding my family and heating our house, have to choose food.
anyway, when its this cold my penis just wants to hibernate and only come out again in the spring/summer
ive decided im only going to re-measure at the end of the 90 days when i will be summer and of course much warmer and my penis is no longer in hibernation.
this will, i have no doubt give me false gains when i measure on a day when the temp should be around +60
my start measurments=
pbel 5 1/2 in
mseg 4 3/4 in
pbfl 4 in
msfg 3 3/4 in