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  • Questions about Girth

    So after Peing off and on for about 6 months I've decided to take it more seriously over the past couple weeks.

    Right now I'm at 7.2 inches bpel and 5.7 inches eg(i have no body fat so bpel is about the same as el). The thing is i tried actually measuring my dick with a tape measurer to see how long it really was if i followed the curvature, to my surprise I'm just around 8 inches.
    So at this point I'm really not too worried about getting much longer, if i can correct the slight curvature and gain about 1/2 of an inch in girth I'll be 100% perfectly happy with my gains.

    Right now I generally do a good stretching session, 45 seconds each direction while holding a solid kegel pull. After that I do between 200-300 50% Jelqs.
    I'm looking for some solid girth routines that I can start in a couple months that will help me get that extra half inch in girth that i've always been looking for.

    Thanks in advance guys

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    Hey tuchitgude, Congratulations on your gains. Below is the link to one of our girth threads. On the first page you'll find many girth oriented exersizes as well as discussion with member replies. Good luck and good gains to you!!
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