HI my names is nicolas i started doing the basic routin consisting of this

  • 10 minutes of penis warm-up
  • 7minutes and 30 sec of basic stretching( 30 sec hold each direction
  • 10 minutes of jelqing (Remember to jelq in three second strokes.)
    monday wesdey and friday
  • and in the tuesday thursday saturday i do kegels i try to do at least 15 in the morning 15 in betwen and 15 before going to sleep but now i changed to kegel for super kegel i thigs its called you screth like if you want to pee 10sec then slowling go to kegel by holding the 10 sec and realease 10 sec wait and do that again
    is my routin good i want to know or should i do the kegel the same days as my penis training routin ?
    Thanks fo the help and all advices