Hey guys just wanted to get some input on this. If theres a thread already made in regards to this this topic, It would be nice if I was pointed to that thread. For the past couple of months, my sex drive hasnt been all there. I havent been getting those random days where I wanted to have sex with anything that moved. You know, the "Oh the things I would do to her right now!" Now, its kinda like "eh, not a big deal." Im not sure if it has anything to do with age but I sure hope not (Im currently 20). Anywho, I can tell that this has affected my PE. Last year, my PE sessions were amazing in that I would have to wait for my erection to subside before I could start back up with my jelqs. Now, I struggle to keep my erection up for my jelqs. I have to quickly whack off to get a hard enough penis for me to start jelqing again. And once I do get it up some, within 10 seconds, Ill go flaccid again and have to repeat the process. My penis is just not responding to PE anymore. I remember back when I first started PE, the next day after a PE session, my penis would be plump and my EQ was a perfect 10. Now, my EQ is a 7 at best and my penis doesnt show signs of it being workout out like it used to. Sure I can attribute all that to newbie gains but even after a few months of PE, I would still get that flaccid plumpness. Maybe its because Ive watched too mch porn in the past coupled with whacking off so much that I have become desensitized? Any input guys? Much appreciated fellas. Thankyou