Hey guys, this is my first post and I've just joined PEgym, however I've been reading here and there for a while now. It is really good to know there is a community like this one which is so supportive and well informed.

I have started PE 6 months ago but just got to do it for 2 months and stopped. The reason why is that I dont seem to be doing the exercises right... for the jelq, it is really hard to maintain an erection between 40-60%, it gets soft really quick, I have tried many methods and researched a little but it is just hard. I'm young and have no problem with getting erections when aroused, just when you are doing PE its really hard to stay erected. This has greatly let me down in my pe journey as from the basic stretches, I wasnt gaining much but maybe around 0.3 inch on only the stretched flaccid length from the 2 months, so I decided to take a break and rethink whether or not PE is for me.
Now I am back, I dont want to just give up and now I am trying to find ways around this. Any advice from the experienced that are a bit different from the ones given in the sticky notes as I have read a lot of those.... and if not is there an alternative routine I can try on? Im maining aiming to gain length and a bit of girth... any advice would be helpful!

sorry for the long post, THANKYOU ! (: