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  • Injury Help!!

    Hey guys

    Im sort of pretty new to p.e i am a sophmore in college and have been jelqing since about 12th routine no warm ups nothing like that

    I started to get serious with the warmups the stretches the whole nine yards after i hurt my dick because i was jelqing right when i woke up from bed.

    I used to see gains through this method but it now has seem to taken a turn on me.

    I have been experiencing pain in the left side of my shaft and have been doing the hot wraps.

    Had sex with my girl friend last tuesday and everything seemed fine until last thursday when i may have over worked it again during a session.

    Now mind you that during these soreness stages i was still maintaining morning erections and spontaneous blood rushes to my cock.

    I have been heating it up 3 times a day with a 15 minute shower during those 3 times a day and my cocks seems to be feeling better.

    I am not sure what type of injury this is i have been off pe this whole week and only did it twice last week because i felt the pain again.

    Anybody experience this before...maybe my cock is just over worked and i need to let it rest????

    I have this phobia where if i dont work it out i will loose size....... however i am on herbal supplements.

    I noticed my largest gains during the time period when i was on a supplement called vimax.

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    I just deleted what I want to post.

    Get the book and read it and apply protocol for negative indicators.

    I will stop there.
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      Pretty: You most likely have a minor overtraining injury. Take a break for the next two weeks and continue what you're doing -- rotating between warm ups, cool downs, and massaging for 30 or so minute each day. Also, did I mention you'll want to take a break? If you don't let it rest, you'll only aggravate the problem.
      "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein


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        i have the same problem but on my right side. it is a very dull pain that comes in waves. my guess is that i have been griping too hard. the pain seems to completely leave when i heat it up. im going to stop for the next two weeks and heat up multiple times a day. too bad because this will set me back on my short term goal of at least 6(bpel) by the end of December. hopefully your pain and mine will leave soon. good luck. oh, and we must lay off sex/masturbation. this seems to only aggravate the injury.


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          If the pain is deep in the penis, then you're probably gripping too hard, and will want to back off a bit. If the pain is lighter and more towards the surface it could be a lube/friction problem. I am currently sidelined with something like that. Either way, take more time than you need to heal, then take one more day. We've got all the time in the world friends, let's be smart.
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