hey there am in the exact same boat and i think that after a lot of research i think the problem is because of lot of masturbation/sex and the over ejaculation you all know that your depleting your body from lots of nutrients and most of them are vital for an erection such as zinc and others and for your information sex is for getting newborns not for pleasure only. after trying every single supplement with little success i woke up from my stupidity whats the point of taking supplements if iam masturbating or having sex 2/3 times a day gather ur wits guys taking these supplements and ejaculating is as if ur trying to fill a broken cup with water. so i putt in my head that i wont ejaculate by any means for 100 days and belive me youl not get wet dreams since your body is desperate for these vital nutrients ur releasing by ejaculation. i did not ejaculate for 37 days did not last the whole 100 days and here what i got:

spontaneous erections much harder than before
got an erection from the slightest touch
hard morning wood erased my depression
erection would last 2 mins on its own when standing
and much more improvements

i am willing to start all over again for 100 days and this time with supplements guys plz here me out your solution is in your own hands its hard to abstain from sexual intercourse for a 100 days but blv me its the safest bet youv got and i asure you youl get your dicks back what you have to do is:

1- stop sex/masturbation and ejaculation for at least 3 month
2-take zinc,magnesium,pottasium,fish oil, and the 5Gs
3-cut off any kind of table sugar from your diet
4- eat healthy no fast food (research for a good diet) not that hard
5-exercise but not much atleast once a week
6-stop smoking no need to explain

take sex off of ur minds try this there is nothing to lose in the end its a healthy way of living and if you recovered and got your thingie back try to live healthy from now and on reduce ejaculation to 3/4 times a week i think its 100% fixable and dont think 30 days of abstaining sex will fix it a wise man once said years of abuse wont recover in mere weeks.