My first question is: Which Bathmate is the real one? I've found three so far and can't quite tell which one is legit.

Initially, I was planning to use just the Bathmate alone because it fits into my schedule very well and because I'm not looking for enormous gains. I'm really just after a half inch in length. From what I've read about the Bathmate, you can definitely accomplish this with regular use. Unfortunately, what I read didn't specify whether that was with the Bathmate alone. I even read some people saying it didn't work but I think those people didn't give it nearly enough time (I'm expecting small permanent gains to take 3-6 months).

Anyway, after reading through the JP90 routine, I decided it wouldn't be too hard to find time to do it in addition to the Bathmate. Before I go ahead and start this, did I skip anything important if I just want a half inch gain in length? I probably won't start for a few weeks. I need to read a little more on the JP90 stuff. I'm just looking for a green light to purchase the Bathmate.

I was looking at the Hercules although I didn't see the size of that one posted. I was also wondering if it was possible to make gains with the Bathmate alone if I give it a few months and have consistent use.