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Bro, first off, let me tell you, I have just as crazy a lifestyle as you do. I've got the full time job, going to school part time to get my real estate license to get my business going and I've got two daughters that drive me just as crazy as your 3 year old does.

This is what I do. I typically do my PE at 5am when I get out of bed. It's literally the ONLY time in the day I'll have to get it done. Otherwise, I have to come home, tell my kids I need some "alone" time and I shut myself in my room for an hour to get it done (my kids are 11 and 8 so I can get away with the "alone" time thing). Doing two small PE sessions a day isn't a dumb idea at all in fact, I did that for a couple of months a few years back when my life got really hectic.

Basically, YOU CAN DO IT! You just have to make the time and I totally understand where that might be easier said than it is done. I don't know if you're a single dad or not but I am, so sometimes for me it's twice as hard to find even 40 minutes to get a PE session in. Either way, it sounds like your on your way bro. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

Oh, and btw, ANGELS RULE!!!!!!!!!! lol

MrBig, man thanks for your input my friend!!! Yeah I too have two girls (13 and 11.....well they think they're 23 and 21) so I get the "I need alone time"...only bad part is my little guy (the 3 year old that is) doesn't understand yet! Kinda sucks! Plus the wife works night shift, so dinner, homework, getting the kids to bed and my workout and I'm done.

I will keep you guys informed as much as possible with my results as they come and I am glad to be apart of this board!!!

Oh, yeah...Do you have to be an ANGELS FAN?!?! We can't beat you guys for nothing ....Damn you! LOL!