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Hey im new just gonna introduce myself

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  • Hey im new just gonna introduce myself

    Hello everybody! As you can see im coming here very jumpy and proud to be a part of this experience but there is a couple of things i would like to say before i get started PEing again. When i started anything related to PE i got myself a stretching device from jes - extender about two years ago.. I wore it on and off and it got to a point were i would see results on the base and i notice the skin was stretching a bit as well.. So a few a months ago i got a vacutech pump.. I think this does increase length and girth but mostly girth.. I spoke to the guys there on the phone and they said it does do that. I didnt even think for one second that it wouldnt grow it because i just saw so many testomonials and reviews about this that it made me get it so i took the plunge and got myself this advanced pump.. But i had no idea about warming up or anything when i got it.. It was when i first put it on and o man was it scary.. i put it on standing up and when the vacuum went to suck it in it was krazy. I could feel it bein sucked in but not in a good way.. i started feeling pain but i eventually got it off.. I think i might have raised the pressure too quick as i consider myself a far more advanced PE er than a few months ago as ive read thru forums and all.. The krazy thing about it was that i would use pressures above 5 and between 5-7 to pump.. WAYYYY to high as my snake would be leaking blood from veins that i have on the side of my shaft which is on the right side and that side always gets leaks of blood so i come out with purple wet floor type of leak lol sorry for the example but thats what i can come up with off the top of my head right away. Well later on i got the power jelq device to match up with my pump and combine the routine and that has worked really well for me but one thing i did not know was the PI Physical Indicators as described on this site and i was wondering when my penis would get this indicators so i read it and i start to understand more and more about it.. So right now in my arsenal of PEing i have pump, power jelq, jes extender and autoxsleeve those little silicone things that i must say have been helping me with my flaccid length and girth a tad bit in the little time ive been wearing it.. So about two weeks ago i chose to take off and ive been off every since after i noticed a corded feeling and yes that is probably my smooth muscle saying " Chill the heck out im exhausted" basically 30% fill up of penis i would feel a corded feeling but also fatigued feeling so almost 2 weeks has passed and my smooth muscle seems more relaxed and the blood leak is disapating but i do have blood clots just 2 of them that have not gone away i feel like sticking a needle dead on them and let some blood leak out or just letting it heal and still PE.. Over the coarse of 2 weeks my spots and leaks and what not have been better and i feel even with a bit of bruising or purpleness leaks i feel that i can still PE but start slower.. I do have veins on the right side of my shaft and their all mounted up there so thats where i get the most leaks but i still get good night and morning woods.. I do have a slight curve to the left but feel with pumping i should be able to straighten it out. Im not to fond of manual stretching as i prefer the autoxsleeve or jes extender to do that.. But if you would like to know i do have A L.O.T of 12 which is the highest one based on ur chart so i should be hanging rather than stretching i would consider the bib hanger but which one? So im going to make a session here and see what you guys think.. warm up 10 min then put autoxsleeve on for about 2 hrs.. Then when ligs are stretched and and penis is ready i will then take sleeve off then jelq for 10 min then put pump it for 3 10 min sessions then warm down for 10 min.. Notice i did not add jes extender because i just substitute that with xsleeve so some days i can do jes,jelq,pump.. Other than this ive been getting good flaccid plumps these past two weeks but ive been only wearing my autoxsleeve.. Anyway im proud to be here any input would be helpful.. thank you
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    Well i know i have my routine down but i was wondering about the veins on the right side of the penis.. I believe that it is very sensative to pressure and i am afraid i will burst another vein and cuz leakage again.. although i still get 100 percent erections.. having discoloration appears to be normal? I am not sure if it is but i think so.. Should i incorporate the newbie routine with pumping and the autoxsleeve? I have a very smooth and flexible unit so its basically very stretchy if you know what i mean.. i just have a feeling its already been excersiced due to the stretcher and pump and jelqing so i guess it wouldnt be considered newbie but i would prefer to start with that.. what do you guys suggest?