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positions that are good for a small guy?

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  • positions that are good for a small guy?

    Well, 'small side', to be exact, I'd call 'small' anything under 4 and a half, but I may be mistaken. (I'm about 5 in length, and 4 and a half in girth.) I've found during straight-up missionary I have trouble staying penetrated, and when I do finally get into a position where I can go in and out it's not half as deep as I'd like. This is an issue because I have trouble staying hard if I keep thinking "shit, shit, not deep enough, gotta readjust". Woman on top is decent, but I like mobility as well as deeper can't move a whole lot when you've got someone's body weight jackhammering on top of you. And those are my only 2 positions other than the occasional foray into doggy...I really need to switch it up, heh.

    Not sure if I'm taking the PE plunge yet, but if I do I'm at least sure it'll be for me and only far I've gotten no complaints from the ladies, and thank god no faked orgasms. But I'm young yet...

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    hi ,
    well i am the same size as you 5.25 el.
    and i think that there is a couple positions that can be good for penetrating the girl ,
    the first is doggy style, but you need to spread her legs as much as you can more wider than her shoulder and push the top of her body more down, this position you hit hit G-spot in good.
    the second is you on top of her but take her legs in you shoulder and push them to her shest, again you hit the gspot.
    the third is the girl on top of you but this one is litle hard cause it depend on her weight, if she is big girl she need to lift on leg more than other leg, it is like dog pissing, so that way you unit go in in full lenght.
    the last one is : she is lying on her back and you open her legs wider to the max , and you are standing or you are on you knee, don't lay on top of her , this position is good too you hit more in g-spot.

    this is what i do and i get a complement about it. I know there is more positions than that.
    I hope it is right but the guys here will give more help , me too i need to know more.