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Edging after PE experience

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  • Edging after PE experience

    Well aslt night after my JP's 3 month PE session. I did edging. What i experienced was that after 15 mins (i use my left hand to stroke not right somehow it makes me last longer). i was about to ejaculate so i kegelled really hard like there is not tomorrow but i didnot achieve any dry orgasm . i got a drop of liquid with maybe a little bit of semen. it was a very thin liquid like pre-cum but a little white.

    Now what was that ? a dry orgasm or i ejaculated. after this i tried more edging and i could didnt lose my erection. so i am confused. Help a borther out. Thanks

    Also if it were a dry orgasm should i continue to stroke the penis or should i stop. If continue then hom many more times ?


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    I am also experimenting with egding myself so I'm no expert but I would like to comment anyway.

    From what I have read it takes time to build up the PC muscles to a good strength in order for them to be strong enough to hold back ejaculation. As time goes by, with practice, you will eventually be able to edge closer and closer up to the point of no return (PONR) until you will eventually achieve dry orgasm.

    You will know if you have orgasmed or not because you know what it feels like...? As for this liquid, it will be Semen, but it just sounds like weren't able to hold it all back.

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      Yes, if you felt an orgasm you had an orgasm.
      Even after many years of edging and dry orgasms, I sometimes have accidents.
      These may include partial ejaculation. Sometimes I have benn fucking and the only way I know I have had a small partial ejaculation, is that the evidence is in the condom.
      If you had an orgasm, (it is unclear in your post) you are well on the way to being multi orgasmic.

      If you had a retro ejaculation ,you probably would not maintain erection


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        thanks for the replies. Pegasus i felt like an orgasm.i got a pre-cum out with little bit of white semen in it just a drop. and after that i wa able to maintain my erection and did edging for 5 mins more and then just quit. so is this dry orgasm or i was about to have the retro ejacualtion and because i kegelled i got just a drop ??

        if this was partial ejacualtion then what is dry orgasm ??


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          A dry orgam is no cum ,you are very close.


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            I have experienced the same thing. I can stop the orgasm just before PONR by kegeling like there is no tomorrow! Sometimes a couple of drops of this pre-cum come out. After this, I can hold erection and continue the cycle again and again after. But I think I have not experienced dry orgasm yet. What people say about it, is that it will blow your mind away and so far my mind is still intact.

            Maybe just needs to practice and go closer to PONR.


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              so basically we do w need to reach PONR or right just before PONR. because bedore PONR i tried to kegel and no result and the time of PONR when i do then i get a drop or two but am able to maintain the erection......

              and what do you all think how many times should we try this thing that is reaching PONR and kegelling before actually ejaculating ?? Is it necessary to ejaculate ??


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                well, it is called Point Of No Return so if you reach it, that basically means that there is no return. Too late! You will ejaculate!

                I reckon the trick is to a) have very strong PC-muscles (mine are too weak still I reckon) and b) learn to go as close to cumming as possible and then use those strong muscles to hold. The thread 'Edging 101' is a good one. Guys are writing some good stuff about PONR and 'holding' by kegeling.

                Sounds like a learning experience. But luckily it is a fun one!!!


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                  It is great how you guys are helping each other.

                  In a sense you are trying to go through the ponr.

                  As you know orgasms vary in intensity. I havn't found dry orgasms to be any more intense than wet ones, what makes them mind blowing is that they can be strung together. So if you can have a normal orgasm ,but not lose all your cum and have another one with the same erection ,you are well on your way. How many times can you do this ,once you have developed your skills ? Till your eyes roll back in your head and god appears and tells you that he is not ready for you yet.


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                    good one pegasus. LMAO. ok so all of us are trying to get to that point of dry orgasms ...hmmmmmm anyone successful so far ??


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                      There are many besides me on this site,but it would be good to hear from some of the newer guys.


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                        I think many people will remain confused until they feel it. For some it may be different than others. For me personally, I find that when I kegel at the right time, I get a surge of energy shoot through my body, which is not localized in the genital region like a normal orgasm.

                        The PONR is exremely subtle! You must approach the PONR as a peasant approaches His Royal Majesty - with humility and ease, not like a sprint to the finish! You will notice a point when your kegels start to spasm. I kegel here, and stop stimulation before the energy travels up my shaft. Occasionally here is where I feel the energy surge.
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                          Good post zen.


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                            not quite. it's a great goal though. my only close experience was about a week ago when I masturbated 'til I could feel the euphoria of orgasm just start to kick in. My penis contracted about a squirt's worth of semen came out as I kegeled hard to halt the ejaculation process. Still maintained a good erection level and got close 1 or 2 more times before mailing it in and just letting myself have a full ejaculation. Fun stuff. Thank God for our penises.

                            By the way, upon full ejaculation I experienced alot of pain around the anus area because of the intensity of it. In case this has happened to anyone else, I did talk to a more seasoned veteran PE-er and he said he had heard of this before, he said it wasn't somethng I needed to run to the Dr immediately but just monitor it and if it continues to be a problem then you can call your dr. Can anyone else speak on this?


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                              bigjohnny, i've experienced that too.. more of a discomfort not enough to really call it "pain" but i think i know the feeling you're talking about. i used to "edge" when i was around 15 but didn't know it.. but that was only once in awhile when i didn't have nothing better to do lol. Currently i just started the JP 90 day routine about a week ago.. so i cannot yet do the whole dry orgasm thing but i can come close.. like you came to "one little squirt then manage to stay hard."

                              However, one thing i've noticed is that doing some keggling im able to get hard and then it seems that sometimes my penis is tricked into thinking that its getting messed with and i have experienced what felt like an orgasm with no physical evidence of one.. anyone else ever experience that?
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