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  • Hay Guys!

    Ive been thinking about it for months anndd
    i think ive decided that im going to get down to this whole pe thing
    just wondering nif you have any advice for a newcomer

    Which guide will get me the most results fastest?

    Or do you have your own routines youd like to share?
    enlighten m e!

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    Best advice for a newcomer: Take it slow, and read, read read.

    In most people's experience the JonPop newbie routine is the preferred one to start out with.
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      I'm with Daily.
      10Get on a beginners routine-There are several excellent
      ones on this forum.
      2) Stay on that routine the required time.
      Don't even think about doing any advanced exercises yet.
      Get your member in condition first.Your member will reward you with
      gains in the long run
      3)Think long term results.Some people gain faster than others,to be sure.

      4)Think penis health above anything else.gains will come.
      But if you move to fast in hopes of getting there quicker you probably end up injured
      and disappointed.Take heed.
      Imagination expands the mind


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        Read this and use the 'search' function on the website and you'll get a pretty generous flow of knowledge. Also, remember there is a lot of other information on the website besides what's in the forums: 'Forum' is only one tab at the top!

        It's all here!

        Good luck!
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          thanks for the responses guys! pumped to get started


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            Hey Jonny. Remember, "Hay" is for horses.

            I've got a Tiger by the tail.


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              Hey Jonny,

              Above all, get a positive mindset. Don't get obsessed, and never measure more than once a month. The rest is in your hands.


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                Greetings Jonny,

                I know it sounds a bit cliche but remember the Tortoise and the Hare. Slow but steady wins the race as far as gaining from PE.

                Ready for another truism? Safety first! Nothing messes up your PE career like rushing things and hurting your penis.


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                  Did you say hay!?

                  Please Don't Be Scared Of Me...


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                    I posted this in a previous thread, but here it is again...

                    There is a recipe for gaining from PE (amongst others) that I would like to point out:
                    • Determination/Belief - You will have to be in the right frame of mind to gain. Use this forum as motivation, there are plenty of people doing great things and reporting back to the forum about them. These things are what keep me motivated to spend an hour or my routine at night.

                    • Consistency - Don't miss your routine and keep your penis nice and plump as often as you can throughout each day. IE when you pee, give it a few tugs and get it engorged.

                    • Patience - It can take months to see any increase of penis size. Stick with it and you will be rewarded.

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                    EG Base: 4" 6/16th (4.38")

                    Start: Oct '09

                    BPEL: 6" 4/16th (6.25")
                    MSEG: 4" 3/16th (4.19")

                    Goal EG 4.5" - 5.0"

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