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    Hi Everyone and Thank you for welcoming me!,

    I am 18 years old. I started PE gym a few months ago. I have been following the directions for beginners. I need to know though if I should wait a couple of more years until my penis has entirely stopped growing before I continue PEGym. Is it bad for me to do it if my penis is still growing...can it affect my regular penis growth and keep it from being what it could have been before I did PEGym? Thank you.


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    Hello applejuice.
    First of all, I'm 18 as well. And when I joined the gym in August I had the exact same question:
    How long am I going to grow naturally?
    Will PE accelerate my natural growth?

    Well the answer that most veterans here have is, that we'll grow naturally for 4 more years, and PE will not only help accelerate the growth but cement those gains as well.
    I think post 18 is the best time to start PE. At this time, our Human Growth Hormone secretion and testosterone levels are high.

    I hope that helps.
    Check out my progress log:
    Starting BPEL - 6.00 After 3 weeks BPEL - 6.75