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Dang. Don't do anything to give her an excuse to put one of them pointy toed boots up your ass, like looking too long at the Hawaiian Tropic girls.
Just going to Vegas for the one day? Wouldn't it be cheaper just to get a motel in OC? *Snick*

Perhaps, but nowhere NEAR as fun. Think about it, I can walk the strip, drink in hand and gamble to my heart's content. Plus, a buddy of mine who lives in OH is actually going to Vegas this weekend his self so we're going to hook up either at stateline or at the hotel and have dinner and hang out. Looking forward to it as I haven't seen this guy in about a year and a half.

As a side note, we were at a Starbucks about 2 weeks ago waiting in line and this fucking drop dead gorgeous, super hot chick went and cut through the line between Renee and I. She's got on a white, mid driff top on, a pair of tight fitting daisy dukes and these knee high, brown, pointy toed stilleto boots. OH MY GOOD GOD! Yes, I did have myself a look at this FINE specimen of the female species. Yeah, guess who saw me glancing? Yep, Renee! I thought to myself "oh shit, I'm dead!, no nookie for me tonight". All she said to me was "ah ha, I saw that". I then did a very quick about face and told Renee "baby, she can't hold a candle to you! She isn't shit! YOU are the only woman this man ever needs". Then, we dropped right down there on the floor in front of everyone and had crazy porn sex.....................not! But I wish....lol