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Anyone ever try this?

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  • Anyone ever try this?

    So I'm not sure if this exercise has a name. Has anyone done this before? When flaccid you take your finger and make a hook and place it at the base. Then you take a grip right under the head with the other hand and bend your dick around the hook. The idea is to pull both hands in the opposite direction and it stretches your tunica right where your hooked finger is. You do this in all directions. You can even hook your dick around your thumb with the hand placed under your head making a S with your dick.

    After doing it in all directions once, I do it again the second time I use two finger with the base hand. One is used at the base still so you are stretching the tunica, the other is used further up the shaft. If done properly you will actually kink you dick 3 times. One around the base finger, one around the second finger, and one around the thumb.

    I know the explanation is kind of difficult to understand, but its the best I can do. It is kind of a cross between flaccid bends/O bends and tunica tugs. I can't say whether it works or not I only experimented with it today.