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what should jelqing feel like?

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  • what should jelqing feel like?

    Just curious what your penis is supposed to feel like when jelqing. Is it supposed to feel really good, or is there not much sensation. I usually feel pretty good, like some blood is going up, but it definitely doesn't feel like masturbating. Just want some opinions from the veterans.

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    Good question, I wouldn't mind knowing either, from my experience over the last week or so, sometimes it will balloon to a 70% erection during the first 10-20 jelqs, other times I can go the whole 40min routine without stopping.
    I guess this wild fluctuation is normal, you are touching your penis after all lol; just make sure you dont stimulate the "trigger" or the glans while jelqing, and you should have no problems.
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      I think the idea is to force blood through ur penis, but obviously not beyond the point of grip creating an increase of pressure the further u go up, forcing blood into all areas of the penis which then after time is supposed to trigger growth (im new to it and haven't measured yet so i dont know if its worked for me.) When you stop just before your glands so that u dont do damage to yourself i find my head is rock hard, which is understandable seeing as though blood has been forced up into it. All this may be wrong as im new but this is what i think if anyone wants to correct me please do, hope this helps.


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        Ya it feels good for me, being that I use a light grip. Ask many of the veterans, that light grip works great. Plus sometimes it's hard for me to keep it from getting a full on rager, cuz it feels damn good...and never painful
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