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Contemplation on when to stop a session

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  • Contemplation on when to stop a session

    Now I've hear of some people doing this and I'm wondering whether it is the right way to go. Do you guys know that point in a session when your erection is tougher to maintain and when at full it is smaller than usual? What if, instead of having a set time or number of reps, you just go until that point or just before it (if you are skilled enough to tell). Do you think this might actually be the most efficient way to gain, or is it after this point when you really start working your dick that the gains occur?

    I was wondering this because of the research on rat tails. For those of you who have not read the thread or article or lab report (I forget), the research showed that the best way to elongate rat tails was to stretch them out while heating then, after some time stretching, you put the rail tail in cold water to "freeze" things in place thus causing permanent stretching. Wouldn't it be logical then to stop at the point in the routine when you have stretched yourself out the most and then cool down?

    For me, when I am doing a routine, the maximum stretch (or point just before I start having trouble getting a full erection) is about halfway through my routine. Is this normal? Do you think I should cut my routine in half?