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Ideas on how to move forward?

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  • Ideas on how to move forward?

    I have been following a slightly modded version of JP's 90 day routine and i find that since i have had no significantly prolonged -ve PIs (most tend to dissappear the following hour or two), so i was thinking that because of this i was wondering if i should try and find the upper limit

    also, i seem to be getting a slightly verticle curve and i know i have been jelqing upwards so how would you suggest to jelq away from it

    also, as long as i can remember my left side has always stuck out a bit further than the right side and i was wondering how i could increase the girth for only my right side so overall my penis looks a bit more symmetrical
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    BPFL: 3.75 inches27/12/09
    BPEL: 6 inches
    NBPEL: 5.3 inches

    BPEL: 6.5 inches
    NBPEL: 5.8 inches

    Goal by 2012:

    NPEL: 7 inches (come on, 1.2 inches in 2 years, that should be easy!)
    EG: 6.5 inches (currently 5.5 inches, dont know how realistic half an inch a year is)