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Need a Beginner girth exercise

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  • Need a Beginner girth exercise

    Well my title kinda asked my question. I am doing the beginners exercise routine. (Warm-up, Stretch, Jelq, Kegal) I dont know for sure but I am sure that jelq is mainly for length. I have gained almost half an inch in lenth but my width/girth doesn't seem to have changed at all. I just wanted to get some ideas on some good beginner girth exercise. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Hi, jelqing does target girth as well as length, especially if done at a higher erection level (e.g. 60-70%) vs. say 40%. Seems most of the girth exercises are targeted after the beginner routine, but I've seen somewhere here that flaccid bends for girth might be OK to do as a beginner, but hopefully a vet can comment on that.


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      Going along the guidelines I was given you can do flaccid bends after 1 month of being on a beginner routine, all the other girth exercises like ULIs are after 2-3 months.


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        Here's the link Penis Enlargement Gym - Advanced Exercises