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Is this normal for PE???

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  • Is this normal for PE???

    I started my first day PE today and my dick feels sore and peeling a little bit.

    Also, my dick looks like it shrunk

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    What did you do to the poor thing? Yes, it can be normal if you over did it. PE, especially at first is basically a ''shock'' to the penis. Its never experienced the type of increased pressures that PE can place on it. The tissues are bound to retract some after your first session, especially if you went overboard. Looked into a routine like this one to get off on the right foot?


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      May I ask you 1 more thing?

      Is it stretching or jeqling that gives the length?

      I was wondering, would your penis increase in length if you only just stretched it out say 5 minutes a day in each 5 directions and did nothing else, besides warmup andwarmdown


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        Hey Jason, jelqing will provide you with length as well...OVER TIME...and obviously stretching will to...why we stretch ya know. Jelqing I think provides more benefits for girth BUT, will give you good SLOW length gains with time...just gotta have patience man, you just started ya know. And for you other question...hey, never say never but personally I think you should stick with a well rounded "routine" and not just pull on your penis for 5 min a day in each direction and hope it grows like crazy...and yes the hot towel warm ups and warm downs are essential.
        I'm a lean mean PE'ing machine!


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          I'm having a hard time getting motivated with the routine I started today. I want a simple and easy one. Would this due?

          10 minutes of warm rice sack.
          stretch in 5 directions for 2 minutes each.
          do 100 wet jelgs
          10 minutes of cold rag.

          You think I could get by doing that?