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Glanced at the how to measure page again because I was curious about the proper procedure for measuring a flaccid, and just noticed that you're supposed to measure length from above, while I've been doing it from alongside the entire time. I'm not sure why I didn't remember this, but I'm glad I noticed it sooner rather than later.

Did a BP measurement a little while ago. Got to my 7.5" from the side, then measured from the top and just barely dinged 7.0" Subtract my .375" of gains from that and I get 6.625"

It also dawned on me recently that the ruler I use for measuring has .125 of space before the 0" mark, that I never factored into any of my length measurements (facepalm). This puts my estimate for my pre-PE BPEL at 6.75", and my current BPEL at 7.125" It sucks that I'm not as big as I thought, but I'd rather be accurate and honest. Gonna update things to reflect new measurements now.
Both of us..i think i gotta remeasure..