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Is a lubricant necessary for jelqing?

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  • Is a lubricant necessary for jelqing?

    Hey all,

    I want to start jelqing in the shower but I want to be absolutely sure it's safe to jelq without a lubricant. Obviously, there'd still be water.

    I know a lubricant is recommended. With my current situation, I won't have access to any form of lubricant for ~1 month, but I don't want to wait any longer and want to get started. Even if it's just a couple jelqs a day.

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    They call it dry jelquing. Don't you have any vaseline? Wet jelqing is much easier, especially if your new to it.
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      If you have no vaseline then try baby oil, although vaseline would be perfect for the shower.


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        You can even use lotion
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          Yep I do my workout in the shower and Vaseline is what I use, works great, and just a little dab will do you


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            Nope, unfortunately I don't have vaseline and have no access to lubricants for ~1 month.

            So dry jelqing is fine?


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              I use castor oil.
              I tried Vasoline but it gets used up way too quickly.
              Castor oil is super cheap, as well.
              does not matter what brand you go with.
              You can get it at Walmart, Amazon, CVS, or your local grocery store.

              It’s more viscous and lasting than Vaseline, so it makes jelqing smoother.
              Incidentally, it’s very good for your skin, and edible too.