I have been doing PE for 2 weeks approximately. I first did 4 days of stretching part of JP90 along with some light jelqing (50 with each hand because the other has to keep fat pad+foreskin off) at anywhere form 30%-75% erection. I was getting stronger morning wood and more frequent erections during the day.

I took 2 days off then did JP90 for 2 days then 1 day off then 2days off again then 1 off and today I did 1 JP90 again.

The problem is I have been getting inconsistent PIS since starting the full on JP90. The first day I did the full JP90 I was feeling a soreness all day in my penis, but the next 2-3 days I got awesome erections and 1 even lasting for 20 minutes fully hard (hasn't happened in long time). As I have been struggling with ED and low libido this was awesome.

Then the past 2-3 days I feel my morning wood is weak if existent at all and I have no sex drive or spontaneous erections during the day. I can get hard no problem when I masturbate but that's it. If I get erections during the day they are weak usually or last very little. I tried edging a couple of times (unsuccessfully most lol) but even after a successful edging session seemed like my sex drive disappeared as soon as I stopped.

I should also say that I have been dieting lately for about 5-6 weeks and also quit smoking about a month ago. So I do not know if all the erections the previous days were from these changes or PE.

The confusion comes from the following... when I measured today, NBPEL was same (hard for me to measure accurately because of a lot of fat pad) but BPEL seemed to be 0.25 up. Huh? Could it just be the diet thing or me doing crappy measurements? Should I give myself a week off and start over with less jelqing? Or is it possible I use too much force when jelqing? I want my penis to get bigger but I am more interested right now in improving my erections and libido and stamina.

PS: I do not know if this is relevant but I have been feeling "weird" in the testicles lately. They hang lower than usual, seem to change shape during the day, and feel "uncomfortable" at times. Specifically sometimes I feel a light pinch or as if someone grabs them and pulls them down. They kind of feel more heavy too at times. I visited my GP but he said some BS along the lines of to take some Ibuprofen and wear more tight boxers WTF? Could this have anything to do with PE?