Hey all. I am about 6.2 NBPEL, 4.4 - 4.5 EG mid shaft - little thicker on the base. 24 years old. Have had a girlfriend for a few years. I first got into PE back in high school (freshman year, a site called PenileFitness) after I broke up with my first girlfriend - well, she broke up with me. I guess I wanted to get bigger to impress her and get her back.

Anyways, I think I did PE for about 3 months or so then. Might have gained a little bit but I don't remember gaining that much.

Over the years I have tried to get back into it twice (once more towards the end of highschool , then once in college). Each time was a couple months, don't remember much gains though, if any.

Anyways, since I am one of those guys who constantly thinks about my penis size I am back again. This time I have the time and commitment to give it 6 months.

I don't care too much about length gains, just going for girth. If I could gain 1/2" on girth - even 1/4" in 6 months I would be very happy. Can I skip the stretching? I do have a high LOT (I feel a tug when I pull straight up and kegel), I just remember that I didn't like stretching too much.

I also am a grower not a shower. Some days my flacid length is an OK size 3.75 - 4 inches. But most days I feel that I have shrinkage all day (3.25). It drives me crazy and I have no idea why it remains shrunk. Might have to do with anxiety issues running in my family.

So should I just stick to the beginner program without the stretching? Or is there another program I should do for girth? Or should I do the stretching even if I'm not too concerned with length? thanks so much,